Launch Party December 2017

It’s the final weeks of 2017 and Dollar Efforts is now live. In the months ahead I hope to share with you increasing revenue numbers. Obviously, this post just signals the launch of the site. Can’t make any money on day 0. However, I wanted to share with you my expenses.


Blue Host + Free Domain = $123 for 12 months.
WordPress Theme = $69

Total Startup Cost = $192


That’s that’s what I need to earn to break even. All the images used on this website are copyright free to the best of my knowledge.

Keep in mind WordPress is free. I purchased this theme Voice and configured it myself.

If you are ready to start your own blog check out my post on how to start your own blog.

Revenue Projections

I’m always nervous setting monetary goals. On one hand, I want to be conservative, but on the other hand I want a number so I have something to strive for . The good news is that I’m not starting from scratch. I have a targeted email list of several thousand people, along with small trickle of visitors to the site. That’s not going to be the case if you are just starting out. With that in mind here’s my projections.

Please keep in mind: Do not apply these numbers to your blog. If I were starting from scratch then I would be looking at my first $100 being made by the sixth month.

Month 1 – By the end of the first month I’m hoping to have made around $150 – $300. That’s just a handful of affiliate conversions from Bluehost. I trust and love Bluehost, so it’s an extra bonus to make a little money by sending people to them. I would recommend them, regardless. 

Month 2 & 3- I’d be thrilled to reach $500 per month. Nothing to brag about, but I’m hoping there’s some traction happening. Realistically, I think I’ll be around $250-$400 depending on how the first month performed. By the end of the third month I should have discovered new ways to generate income from  visitors.  More importantly, I’m hoping that my traffic starts increasing month after month. Fingers crossed. More traffic should equal more cash.

Month 6 – My first real goal is to reach $1,000 per month. I feel fairly confident that if I can hit the $500 mark then I can meet this goal. I’m not going to speculate about months 4 or 5, instead I’m just going to concentrate on that $1,000 mark at the end of six months. It’s been my experience that once you start increasing revenue month over month things will steadily grow. Hopefully, that will become somewhat exponential. If I’m not seeing much growth in traffic or revenue then I’ll be making some drastic changes in my content strategy. That’s what so awesome about the internet, you can easily make major changes overnight to test new ideas.

Don’t worry, I will definitely be posting an update on my first month’s earnings. Even if they are zero, you’ll still be able to read why I think things didn’t go as planned. Look for that post near the end of January 2018. If you want more frequent updates then you need to join the Facebook Group.

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